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Sealing machine cleaning and maintenance

- Jan 20, 2016 -

Periodically clean the machine surface, bottom and the lower die skateboard, channel modes on plate and rod (Note: you must turn off the power and normal temperature).

Die skateboarding, strut bearings, eccentric and guide posts, Rails and other transmission parts regular butter, in order to ensure the machine's performance.

Cleaning cutter method: using cotton ball, two of the lower drain hole plug, pour boiling water into the lower Groove, filled so far, and then push the lower mold Board in place, pressing punch, to its lowest level, gear soak for several minutes up to the clean, repeated several times.

Heat seal bag commonly used in daily chemical product packaging, food packaging, and other fields. Due to the filling of the product packaging bag heat seal most prone to leaks, and actually used bags bag most of the damage occurred in the sealing part, selecting a suitable sealing materials and sealing parameters can reduce the production of waste, and can improve the overall barrier properties of packaging.

Hot sealing are heated in a certain way the seal materials to achieve the flow state under pressure of sealing, heat sealing apparatus for General or hot-pressing sealing machine. Heat sealing heads are Thermo-actuator, according to head of the structure and different heating methods, hot sealing methods can be divided into: ordinary Thermo lawfulness, fuse, impulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing, high-frequency heat sealing, as well as induction heat sealing. Film characteristics, applicable sealing methods are also different, such as ultrasonic sealing and thermal deformation of high frequency heat sealing is more suitable for film, however the most commonly used heat sealing method is common for Thermo is legitimate. Ordinary hot valid disc flat-sealing, heat sealing, heat seal and several slide clamp seals, flat sealing the most popular.

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