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Sealing machine considerations

- Jan 20, 2016 -

1, metal containers and metal cover shall not apply, nor on the metal table on pressing the Start button, otherwise it will damage the machine.

2, power must be inserted before induction air plug, and tighten the screws.

3, the use of single phase three-wire power cord, to make the operation safe, be sure to use single phase three-wire power outlet, ground in the workplace must be dry to maintain insulation.

4, with temperature automatic protection function, when the internal temperature is overheating, internal buzzer Bell "abnormal protection (PRO. MD.) "the yellow light is on, you should turn off main power switch standby cooling after the buzzer stops, and then continue to work.

5, the work process should always touch-sensitive surface, check for overheating, found too hot to stop heating after cooling (cooling not power off), "ready (WARM UP)" when the Green led is not lit, do not press the Start button to prevent accidental triggering. When the machine is done, please turn off the power switch on the Panel.

6, equipped with fuse 5 a, and not greater than 5A insurance instead.

7, has high pressure, bottom live, maintenance without permission is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid personal electric shock.

8 before using, if there are any wires exposed you should stop using the machine, repair before use.

9, equipment, transport, storage, use does not impact, the weight, moisture.

10, when checking out of the box, normal transport, packing cases, if zero does not comply with the packing slip should be promptly contacted the company. 11, according to the manual, using the operator should be aware, if found manufacturing quality problems, within the prescribed period to the company description, warranty for half a year and is responsible for maintenance of the equipment.

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