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Sealing machine operation method

- Jan 20, 2016 -

1, press the "ON" button, power indicator light, "the COOLER" (cool light) light, warning light flashing.

2, press the "start" button, lights out, "START" indicator light, power to achieve predetermined settings.

3, open power conveyor belt, conveyor belt operation, adjustment knob to the proper location.

4, pushed into a sealed container begins normal operation.

5, as happened in the operations stream, the Control Panel's "FAULT" (flow direction) lights, warning lights blinking, press the "RESET" (reset) button, to flow after the lights, again press the "START" button.

6, the work is over, press the "STOP" (stop) button, the machine back to 1.

7, press the "OFF" button, the machine shutdown, exit standby mode.

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