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Sealing machine operation points for attention and daily maintenance

- Jan 20, 2016 -

1, the machine uses 220V single phase three-wire power and grounding must be reliable, otherwise affect the security of the person.

2, metal parts cannot be close to sensors.

3, check cooling water level, generally when used frequently, once a week, adding cooling water. Better to use non conductive cooling water.

4, always check the pipes, connectors cannot have leaks, leakages. Caused by temperature is too low to prevent pipe freezing, within the water tank into the antifreeze.

5, maintenance should follow the order of operations.

6, maintenance professionals should be fixed.

Allowed to open the case after 7, boot, inspection and maintenance should be shut off main power supply.

8, machine design and thermal overload protection system. When the heat sink temperature exceeds 70 degrees will cut off pressure, lights blinking: overload (heated cap diameter is too large or too close to tight or distance sensors), resulting in high voltage current overload of the machine (digital display instantaneous over "100") can also be protected. This is normal, you can press "START" key to start.

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