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Sealing machines before purchase

- Jan 20, 2016 -

After the product into containers, in order to enable products to preserve, maintain product quality, avoid the loss of product, the container needs to be sealed, this operation is done. Refers to containers containing product, sealing machinery for containers.

Making many packaging materials, such as paper, plastics, glass, ceramics, metal, composite materials, packaging containers shape and physical properties are not the same, so that the sealing and sealing device is not the same. Generally based on the mechanical properties of packaging materials, it can be divided into the following two categories:

(1) flexible seal device

Flexible container is made of flexible material, such as paper, plastic film, films such as the production of bag containers. This kind of sealing and bag making, filling of the container constitute a machine, rarely used alone, due to the different material, its sealing device is not the same.

① paper bag sealing equipment.

For paper material, generally used in the seal coating Binder, and then subjected to mechanical pressure sealing.

II plastic sacks and composite film bag-sealing devices. Many have good heat sealing of plastic, these plastic bags or plastic compound bag, seal direct heating is generally used and subjected to mechanical pressure, make it fusion seal.

(2) the rigid container and sealing machine

Rigid container means the container after forming the shape of a container is not easy to change, its seal with different forms of cover, there are several commonly used.

① capping. That cover the prior thread within the process, threaded, single or multiple points. Bottles with single-threaded, Tin can use multiple thread. This machine is by rotating the cover, and the pressure in the container.

② knurling. This kind of cover with aluminum, prior threads are covered with aluminum wheel rolling, so that it appears exactly the same threads and thread the bottle shape, and keep the container sealed. This cover will be unsealed in the indentation fracture along the skirt around, and can not be restored, it is also called the "foods". This machine is used in many high-end wines, drink sealed packaging.

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