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Technical communication meeting of 14th international friction sealing materials' closing smoothly

- Apr 19, 2016 -

Organized by the Chinese association of friction sealing materials of the 14th international friction sealing materials technology exchange and products expo in 2012 on May 23 to 24 in the grand opening of the xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center.

This conference will be in "innovation and brand" as the theme, guide enterprises to carry out creative work and constantly improve the production efficiency, with excellent product quality and excellent service, creating market popular brand, promoting friction sealing materials industry sustained, rapid and healthy development.

This conference held "the fourth session of the national photo contest friction sealing materials industry exhibition".

It is understood that all previous international friction sealing materials technology exchange and product display as industry year one of the most important marketing activities, no matter from the exhibition scale, the release of new products, new materials are fully embody the specialization, internationalization and brand characteristics, realize to the international exhibition of perfection.In order to meet the needs of participating merchants from all over the world, this session of the conference organizing committee has designed a total of 220 standard booths, space-unit 24 and several business district, the exhibition has been successfully concluded, the activities are going well.

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