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Sealing Machine Features And Principles

- May 08, 2018 -


1: can be used with the assembly line, can also be used alone

2: Accurate positioning of optical and electrical integration, low failure rate

3: Full touch screen control, simple and accurate operation

4: Can be installed without air pressure protection function to protect the mold blade from external force touch

5: The sealing machine directly uses the composite coil sealing, which saves the cost of the raw material stamping, and the time needed for the bottle plug plug film to greatly increase the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.


The machine uses the principle of contact heat conduction to transfer the temperature of the machine's heating head to the film and bottle mouth, and rely on the pressure of the mold to press the film to the same shape as the bottle mouth and seal it while the bottle mouth is heated. This kind of sealing method does not have any odor, and is widely used for sealing food and medicines such as chili sauce, tomato sauce, leek, soy sauce, candy, and melon seeds.


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