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Classification Of Rubber Sheet

- Jan 20, 2016 -

1, press the clip media can be divided into pure gum rubber and cloth, insert metal frame layer plastic sheet and other varieties;

2, according to use, can be divided into industrial rubber Board and rubber flooring.

3, according to the physical and chemical properties, can be divided into: fabric rubber sheet, rubber Board, insulated rubber, oil-resistant rubber plate, acid and alkali resistant rubber slab, strip non-slip rubber antiskid rubber plates, square plates, round buckle slip asbestos-rubber sheet, rubber sheet, oil resistance asbestos rubber sheets

4, according to the colour and surface treatment, can be divided into: black rubber, green rubber plate (commonly known as green screen sheet), red rubber sheets (commonly known as the red rubber sheet) blue, yellowish-white rubber sheet, rubber sheet, rubber sheet, gray rubber sheet, rubber sheet, wide rubber sheet

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