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Rubber Developments

- Jan 20, 2016 -

The rubber industry is one of the basic industries of national economy. It not only provides an integral part of daily life for people household, medical and light industrial rubber products, and mining, transportation, construction, machinery, electronics, heavy industries and industries with a variety of rubber plant or rubber components. Obviously, a wide range of products for rubber industry, after the industry is extremely broad.

In recent years, the rubber industry has been a lot of development, there are sectors rose steadily, new rubber industry rapid development, but at the same time, rubber industry there are also issues such as environment, natural resources, disasters, and innovation.

In 2004, the national natural rubber planting 696,200 hectares of the total area, segmentation of 451,900 hectares, dry rubber yield 573,300 tons. Reclamation 411,000 hectares of rubber plantations, private 285,200 hectares, 59.03% of the country's total rubber area and 40.97% respectively.

In 2005, the rare Hainan suffered 50 years of drought and the worst typhoon disaster, natural rubber production suffered. To tap the development potential of domestic natural rubber planting and processing, increased self-sufficiency in rubber industry in China has made unremitting efforts to earnestly implement cleaner production in energy-saving, environmental protection and national security, policy, and have achieved significant results. Especially the rubber chemical industry actively adjust products structure, green environmental protection additives increase antioxidant varieties yield ratio has reached 80%, promoter of 50%, toxic, hazardous, highly carcinogenic NOBS effective control of production; 65% per cent rate of comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, reclaimed rubber and gum powder processing field.

In 2006, the China rubber industry association, three six-session discussions, the Council adopted and published the China rubber industry "Eleven-Five" scientific views of development planning and the rubber industry "Eleven-Five" implementation of brand strategy planning. This is the first time organized by the Association of development planning. Plans show that the rubber industry "Eleven-Five" to take the road of independent innovation during the whole industry to effectively transfer to the track of scientific development, make the China rubber industrial power in the world.

Development prospects of China's rubber industry. By 2010, China's total consumption of 2.3 million tonnes of natural rubber, rubber industry will have a greater change of product structure, new products, increase of replacement products, new materials, new technology and application to expand, production technology have significantly increased.

Characteristics of rubber industry when a country's rubber industry matured, the industry's economic situation and the health of the economy as a whole will maintain a strong correlation: the length of the development cycle and the economic cycles of length, the trend, but due to the rubber industry is a basic industry, it cycles slightly ahead of changes in the economic cycle. Furthermore, due to the rubber industry in the national economy the front end of the production chain, whose fluctuation amplitude is less than the end of the industrial chain of the volatility of the industry, the amplitude is less than the economy as a whole. Therefore, from the perspective of industrial investment, rubber industry closer to income-oriented investments in mature industries.

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