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Rubber Sheet Material

- Jan 20, 2016 -

The origins and composition of the rubber sheet of rubber.

According to documents, these excellent ball stretch, and visit Spain think the ball is possessed by the evil spirit. Rubber is also used as a wooden handle ratchet in stone or metal utensils on the tape, as well as the handle filler.

Maya can be produced using the rubber shoes. Although not like Central American indigenous people officially rubber vulcanization, but they can still use organic matter to reach similar roles, for example emulsions mixed with different varieties of raw SAP or juice of the vine plants.

Brazil indigenous rubber waterproof fabric will be used. There was heard that Portugal who took these clothes back to the motherland, and frightened fellow, were accused of witchcraft and subject to trial.

Rubber incoming United Kingdom Hou, we found that this material can effectively wipe away traces of pencil. So now English rubber rubber is also used to describe an eraser. Funny is that the title of today's Americans used the eraser Eraser, rubber has been used to describe condoms.

Origin natural rubber supply most commercial three-leaf rubber tree rubber. It will hurt the trees produce many rubber-rich emulsion liquid. Another, fig trees and some Euphorbiaceae plants can also supply rubber.

Germany during World War II because the rubber supply being cut off, had tests get rubber from these plants, but later changed to produce artificial rubber. Beginning of rubber trees at South America, but by artificial transplant, now also has a lot of rubber trees in Southeast Asia.

In fact, Asia has become the most important origin of rubber. Made from silver Chrysanthemum the rubber latex can reduce sensitivity. Other rubber materials notwithstanding that over half of the rubber is man-made, but natural rubber still is very important in some areas, such as motor vehicles and military industries.

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