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Sealing Structure

- Jan 20, 2016 -

General-sealing machine consists of machine frame, gear speed transmission system, sealing print body, conveying device and electronic control systems and other components.

Plugged in and the agencies started working heating heating element power, heating the heating block sharp up and down, adjust to the desired temperature and temperature control system and embossing wheel, required cooling system cooling, conveyor belts and transfer, and speed adjustment to the desired speed.

Dang with items of packaging placed in conveying with Shang, bags of sealing part was automatically into running in the of two root sealing with Zhijian, and with into heating district, heating block of heat through sealing with transmission to bags of sealing part, makes film heated melt soft, again through cooling district, makes film surface temperature appropriate declined, then after roll spent round (or printing Word round) rolling, makes sealing part upper and lower plastic film bonded and suppressed out mesh pattern (or printed logo), again by oriented rubber with and conveying with will seal good of packaging bags sent out machine outside, Complete sealing operations.

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